DAi API Operational Data Artificial Intelligence

Do you know if your data is flowing to and from your systems and partners? DAi, Data Artificial Inteligence is a visualization tool for three missions.

1. API Error Handling, classification, and Reporting - Integration errors with Ai classification and visualization of where and what the errors are
2. High Value Payloads - Find out as it happens for failed scheduled jobs of revenue data
3. Endpoint History - When are endpoints showing non availabilty when you are trying to send your data on your schedule?
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Business Case Study

Logistics Company DAi Customer
with on Going Monitoring Services

Here's the problem

Situation: Barnet Associates (Creators of DAi) works with a logistics company that was getting shipping errors, either not shipping at all, or double shipping due to faulty data, thus suffering a severe loss of $$ and reputation. DAi resolved time-critical problems in the data transport streams and recommended how to rectify them before they caused negative financial consequences. The BA Solution included:

  • Graphical & historical metadata trend analysis
  • Persistent transport stream inspection
  • Error identification / isolation / forecasting
  • Problem solving recommendation
  • Workflow and transport network optimization

The tools used

IPaaS DAi Postman

...and the outcome

Barnet Associates is a leader in process improvement automation. Utilizing Business Process Improvement (BPI) and Business Process Optimization (BPO) techniques, we develop, implement, train, and consult with startups to Fortune 50 clients focused on creating or improving business and technical operations needs.

Our data and process methodology for Multiple Input Single Output (MISO) to Multiple Input Multiple Outputs (MIMO) take your specific business processes and information and merges them with cost effective technical systems. We find ways to help your company achieve greater insight into operations. We focus on real time data collection and dashboard reporting, leading to communication and greater product or service understanding, driving sales.

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